Hosting Services Designed Around You!

CSI through our WebVista line of products promises dedication to quality web hosting, using the latest in web hosting software and hardware, as well as an unmatched obligation to excel in everything we do. Our Internet Bandwidth will not be oversold. Our server capacity will always be abundant. Customer service and technical support will exceed our clients requirements. This is our strategy for building long-term relationships with our customers.

Over the past few years, CSI has grown to become one of the leaders in web development solutions. No small accomplishment, to say the least. We owe our success to our hard working employees and our persistent commitment to providing the most reliable, and most beneficial services possible, as well as keeping up to date with the latest and most advanced Internet technologies.

CSI powers Web sites with state-of-the-art Compaq Proliant 3000 servers. These high-performance systems handle over 30,000,000 hits per day. Thats more than 600 million hits per month! Whats more, our servers connect to the Internet via multiple high-speed, T1 lines to separate and redundant Internet backbones. At CSI, the message "server not responding" simply doesnt exist.

Server Specifications
Each of our ever growing cluster of Proliant 3000 servers has the following standard specifications.

  • Twin Intel PentiumŪ II processor 450 MHz (total of 900Mhz of processing speed)
  • 512-KB level 2 writeback cache per processor
  • 100 MHz GTL Bus Design
  • I2O Connector Highly Parallel System Architecture for improved system bandwidth
  • ECC-protected memory bus and cache
  • 256 MB 100MHz SDRAM memory expandable to 4 GB (we expand memory according to server load)
  • Five PCI and three shared PCI/ISA slots (eight total slots)
  • At least five 9.1GB (total of 45.5GB) of internal mass storage. Disk capacity can reach up to 109.2 GB per server. In other words the server where your web site is being hosted on will never run out of space.
  • Compaq 10/100 TX PCI UTP Fast Ethernet Controller
  • Integrated Dual Channel Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 Controller
  • Integrated Remote Console and Automatic Server Recovery-2 (ASR-2)
  • 500/750 Watt Hot-Pluggable Power Supply. In case the power supply gets burned we can replace it within less than 2 minutes. We always carry spare power supplies in house so we can avoid prolonged server outages.


CSI employs multiple digital T1 connections to leading Internet backbone carriers Digex and UUNet for the ultimate in speed and reliability. These connections are managed by top-of-the-line Cisco routers using the latest communication protocols to automatically route traffic down the shortest path. We know that if a web site is unreachable, it is NOT because of us!

Because our customers' businesses depend on the accessibility of their Web sites, we take every step possible to ensure the reliability of our services. We are so confident about our systems that we guarantee our reliability with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. What makes us so reliable?

  • Multiple T1 connections on diverse backbones
  • Uninterupted power supply
  • RAID storage drives
  • Daily tape backups of customer webs and data

Our disaster recovery techniques during testing have proved that your web site will be available within a maximum of 2 hours after a complete server crash. Keep in mind that our RAID systems, uninterupted power supplies, and daily tape backups on each of our individual servers make a complete server crash almost an impossible scenario.

Furthermore, our offices are equipped to withstand natural disasters like flooding, fire, and other events of God. With careful planning, tremendous experience and respect for our customers data we have managed to build expertise in insuring the safety and availability of your web site.

CSIs WebVista makes Web hosting easy! Our convenient on-line ordering form makes it fast and easy to sign up for the top web-hosting service. We can register your domain name with the InterNIC or transfer your existing domain name as quickly as possible. To make your Web site development and maintenence as convenient as possible, we can install the Microsoft FrontPage 98 server extensions in your account FREE of charge. We can also move your existing web site to our systems so you can enjoy a quick expert installation. Just let us know. We guarantee you that nobody else will do all that for you free of charge. Give us a chance to prove to you that we are the best web hosting service. Just order your WebVista services online or call us toll-free .