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Compare WebVista to Others

compare.gif (2337 bytes)For your convenience we have prepared a comparison chart so you can see for yourself the value that WebVista brings to web hosting services.

Comparison charts below are based on features and prices during December of 1998.

Comparing WebVista BASIC service with Hiway's Plan 1 and Compuweb's GOLD Services.

Feature WebVista GOLD
Hiway Technologies Plan 1
Compuweb GOLD
Windows NT 4.0 Operating Systems check.gif (325 bytes) * check.gif (325 bytes)
Free Domain Name Registration check.gif (325 bytes) check.gif (325 bytes) check.gif (325 bytes)
WebTrendsTM Automated Web Traffic Report check.gif (325 bytes)
Unlimited Traffic per Month check.gif (325 bytes)
50MB of Disk Space check.gif (325 bytes)
25 MB Max

30MB Max
Powerful PHP Scripting Language check.gif (325 bytes)
Free Secure Transactions check.gif (325 bytes)
10 Free POP E-mail Accounts, Distributions lists and unlimited aliases check.gif (325 bytes)
Active Server Pages support check.gif (325 bytes)
Anonymous FTP Service
check.gif (325 bytes)

check.gif (325 bytes)= Yes
= No or Extra Cost

* Costs $99.95/month

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