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Year 2000 Ready Statement for WebVista Web Hosting Services and Products

CompuLogic Systems, Inc. has tested all of its currently selling WebVista web hosting services and products for Year 2000 readiness. These services are either Year 2000 ready or
have no date code dependencies.

At CSI, we are committed to providing you with web hosting solutions which are "date-safe" as we move toward, through and past the Year 2000. We have tested all:

  • Web Servers (both production and non-production)

  • Name Servers

  • Mail Servers

  • Database Servers

  • Individual PCs and personal workstations (includes laptops and notebook computers)

  • File Servers

  • Network Routers

  • Firewalls

  • Switches and Hubs

  • Phone Systems

In detail, we tested all operational, Pentium, and Pentium Pro-based notebook, desktop, and deskside personal computers and servers built over the last four years to confirm
that the internal clock, when accessed through BIOS, supports the transition to the
year 2000.

All of the above mentioned systems are now Year 2000 Ready.

Year 2000 Test Method

CSI tested its desktop, deskside and laptop personal computers and servers
by setting the clock to Dec. 31, 1999 and letting it progress to Jan 1, 2000. The
test then exercised parts of the system that show/use date/time and verified
correct behavior. Notebook and laptop computers were exercised by setting the
clock to 11:59:00 PM (23:59), turning off the power, and turning it on again after
exactly one minute. In each case the clock showed the correct time of 12:00, January 1,

Current Status of CSI's WebVista Systems

The WebVista system infrastructure, including all its servers (both software and hardware), workstations, and laptop or notebook computers, is ready and safe for the transition to the year 2000. We can confidently make this claim for a number of reasons:

  • Software uses 4-digit years
    All operating system software allows a 4-digit year format, which is
    not affected by the transition to the year 2000. Applications that consistently use the
    4-digit year format will make a seamless transition into the year 2000.

  • Hardware uses 4-digit years
    At the hardware level, all Windows NT 4.0 (Server & Workstation), Windows 95 and 98 system platforms use 4-digit year representational formats and will be totally
    unaffected by the transition to the year 2000.

  • Testing found no problems
    After certain system BIOS and Service Pack upgrades, the WebVista system infrastructure allows our engineers to set the system clock to times in the future, so it is possible to simulate the transition to the year 2000 and beyond. CSI engineers have performed such simulations and no problems have been reported.

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