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WebVista.Net is the hosting product of Chamerlik/CompuLogic - the eBusiness consulting and development firm based in the Chicago area.

Since 1997 WebVista.Net has been offering full-proof hosting solutions for companies of any size. WebVista.Net is not a discount hosting service. Our high-end shared and dedicated hosting solutions are designed to be flexible and fit any client's hosting needs.

Give your web site a safe and secure home today. Call us toll free 1-877-WEB-VISTA (932-8478).

Compaq Proliant Servers

By far the best server systems in the market today and for decades to come. WebVista only relies on the best hardware and software and we don't settle for less.

Our Compaq Proliant servers give us and our customers peace of mind with the performance, reliability, and scalability that only Compaq can bring to a hosting service.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Hosting

Our newest servers run Windows 2000 Server. Increased performance and stability on this state-of-the-art product by Microsoft ensure our clients will have reliable service.
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Hosting

After many years of reliable service, NT 4.0 Server is still a strong and reliable platform for all your hosting needs. Top it off with WebVista's technical expertise in NT 4.0 hosting and you can't go wrong.
Microsoft SQL 7.0 & 2000 Server DBMS

For true database performance we use and highly recommend SQL Server 7.0 or 2000. Lighting fast database-driven applications, scalability, and reliability are what these great Microsoft products are all about.
Microsoft Access 2000 Databases

Feel free to install your Access 2000 database (97 and 98 are also acceptable) FREE of charge.

However, If you need extra database power you won't go wrong with SQL Server (see above).

IPSwitch IMail 5.0

Your email solution will run on IMail 5.0. Only IMail offers the reliability and efficiency needed for your email needs. The ease of web-based management (through the WebVista Control Panel) makes it a great business email tool for all our customers, independently of their size.

Whether you have 2 or 2,000 users in your company, WebVista will accomodate your corporate email needs.

PHP 4 & PHP 3

Per our humble opinion this is the best scripting language today (and tomorrow). Invest some time learning it and you will never go back to anything else (and you though Perl was good).

We support both PHP 3 and PHP 4. They are both installed on our web servers.

Verisign Security

All our SSL services are provided through Verisign, the leader in online security.

Your transactions are safe with WebVista thanks to Verisign.

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